Chumbawamba stuff on ONE LITTLE INDIAN

79TP12 CHUMBAWAMBA/CREDIT TO THE NATION "Enough Is Enough" 12 inch / CD Single '93
Coincided with the election to council office of a candidate for the BNP (fascist party) in a London borough. Chumbawamba had worked with Credit for a while, touring and appearing on each others' recordings. This was the only joint single. Notable for being the only record ever played consistently on national radio to advocate violent action against fascists.

89TP12 CHUMBAWAMBA "Timebomb" 12 inch / CD Single '93
A pop song about riots and the internal clock which sets our collective alarm bells ringing... with a picture of Casper, the lead in the film "Kes", putting up two fingers on the sleeve.

119TP12 CHUMBAWAMBA "Homophobia" 12 inch / CD Single '94
Different version from on the "Anarchy" album, features the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, an order of gay nuns.

CJB 1 CHUMBAWAMBA meets DIY "Criminal Injustice" 12 inch only '94
Limited edition dance mix. DIY, DJ collective from Nottingham UK, remix Chumbawamba rhythm tracks as a gesture of defiance against the then-incoming Criminal Justice Act.

139TP7 CHUMBAWAMBA "Ugh! Your Ugly Houses!" 7 inch / CD Single '95
Minimal punk satire. A reaction to Hello! magazine's sickly attention to bad taste.

149TP7 CHUMBAWAMBA "Just Look At Me Now" Limited Edition 7 inch / CD Single '96
Full-on big chorus n' horns version of a song from "Swingin'" - sold at concerts in 1996 and available only from the Chumbawamba address.

TPLP46 CHUMBAWAMBA "Anarchy" LP / CD / MC '94
Titled to confront any doubts about the nature of Chumbawamba's wading into pop culture's brightly-coloured waters. Includes "Enough is Enough" and "Timebomb" and plenty of other four-minute anthems. The sleeve art (a baby being born) caused the record to be banned from some shops, stocked in plain sleeves in others. Can you believe it?

TPLP56 CHUMBAWAMBA "Showbusiness!" LP / CD '95

Recorded at Leeds Duchess of York Club in 1994, featuring Harry's dad (Jimmy Echo) on sizzling cabaret vocals. Punky, spunky and sometimes out-of-tune. Booklet features near-as-damnit exhaustive history of Chumbawamba. Also released in USA only as:

MAR 001 CD CHUMBAWAMBA/CHOMSKY "For A Free Humanity: For Anarchy" Double CD '97

On Mutual Aid Recordings, this is the "Showbusiness!" recording coupled with Noam Chomsky's spoken word 'Capital Rules', with a booklet containing interviews with both Chomsky and Chumbawamba.

TPLP66 CHUMBAWAMBA "Swingin' with Raymond" LP / CD '95
A record of two halves. Love songs (backing up Che Guevara's idea that "every true revolutionary is motivated by love") and Hate songs (back to the bad old days of slagging things off and shouting as loud as possible), split down the middle. The Raymond of the title is the man with "Love" and "Hate" tattooed across his knuckles.

EYE 1 CASEY ORR WITH CHUMBAWAMBA "i - Portraits of Anarchists" Book and CD '96
Photographic portraits of anarchists from around the world, an 80-page glossy book with attached CD by Chumbawamba (not sold separately). The CD is six songs written specially for this project. Published in conjunction with AK Press.