OTHER RECORDINGS by - or featuring - Chumbawamba

221984 CHUMBAWAMBA "Three Years Later" on "Bullshit Detector 2" LP '82
Song taken from demo cassette and crammed in with a million other bands on Crass' second compilation album.

SHH138 SKIN DISEASE "I'm Thick" on "Back On The Streets" EP '82
Undercover spoof by some of the band, responding to a music paper's desperation to advertise the "Oi" cult - mostly nationalist, patriotic crap - amongst skinheads. Consists of the title being shouted 64 times over a proto-Oi backing. Available also on:

CD PUNK 60 VARIOUS ARTISTS "The Punk Singles Collection Vol 2" CD '95

FORWARD 002 CHUMBAWAMBA "The Police Have Been Wonderful" and "Fitzwilliam" on "Dig This" LP '85
Subtitled "A Tribute To The Great Strike", this album featured The Ex, Mekons and Poison Girls amongst others. Dedicated to the British miners who went on strike during 1984 and 1985. The Chumbawamba songs are both home-recorded demos; The first one uses crude loops and samples in a foretaste of later dance-based stuff.

Red Rhino Flexi CHUMBAWAMBA with others "Rich Pop Stars Make Good Socialists" '86
Given away free with "The Catalogue", an independent music magazine. With Harry singing lead vocals for the first and only time.

TUNE 2 ANTIDOTE "Destroy Fascism!" 7 inch EP '86
Seven-song attack on fascism by a band put together from members of Chumbawamba and Dutch noise-terrorists The Ex. Limited pressing.

ANHREFN 010 CHUMBAWAMBA "Knit Your Own Balaclava" on "Mindless Slaughter" LP '87

Badly-recorded song made in a few hours in a flat in Moss Side, Manchester. A joke based on teaching animal activists to knit which somehow got lost in the translation. Also on the compilation: Blyth Power, Conflict, Mekons, etc.

SCAB 1 SCAB AID "Let It Be" 7 inch single '87

Released a week after a single with the same title was released by "Ferry Aid", a pop star charity record a la "Live Aid". A butchered version of the Beatles song backed by a quiet rant against The Sun newspaper.

VILE 1 CHUMBAWAMBA "Younger Moralists" on "A Vile Peace" LP '87

When Chumbawamba were asked to contribute a song to a compilation LP based on pacifist ideas, they came up with a song which attacked pacifism - "Younger Moralists" celebrates (and steals) Berthold Brecht's words "Oh! These divine commandments are not much use against murder!". Interesting in that the Chumbawamba song is the only one on the album which isn't loud, fast and punky.

FPV51169 CHUMBAWAMBA "Tearing Up Zoo" on "The ALF Is Watching" LP '88
Track recorded a couple of years earlier which found it's way onto a dodgy compilation album. Best bit of the song being the middle 8, the sound of a book being torn up.

PROP 4 SPORTCHESTRA! "101 Songs About Sport" LP '88
About two-thirds of Chumbawamba wrote and performed this double album, along with various "guest" vocalists from Mekons, Citizen Fish etc. As it says, it's 101 songs about sport - short and snappy pop snatches, every one about the good, bad and ugly sides of sport.

DELT CD3 CHUMBAWAMBA "Knit Your Own Balaclava" on "The Liberator" LP '89
Not a very good song turns up again on a compilation of compilations.

REVOLT 1 CHUMBAWAMBA "Song Of The Mother In Debt...etc" on "Pox Upon The Poll Tax" LP '89
A compilation LP on Peasant's Revolt records, celebrating protest against the Poll Tax - the Chumbawamba song is a Brechtian (!) epic made up of different parts, written as a small theatrical song.

12009/10 CHUMBAWAMBA "Harry Goldthorpe" on "Wild And Crazy Noise Merchants" LP '90
Song on double album put out as a benefit for the 1 in 12 Club, Bradford. A tribute to Harry Goldthorpe, an original Bradford bad lad.

SEEP 2 CHUMBAWAMBA "Heartbreak Hotel" on "Fuck EMI" LP '90
Jimmy Echo (60's EMI recording artiste!) joins Chumbawamba for blast through Elvis' first UK-released single.

PB40000 CHUMBAWAMBA/JELLO BIAFRA "Homeless Hotel" on "Where Are They Now File" 7 inch single '91
Bootleg compilation single with L7, NoMeansNo and Gray Matter. The Chumbawamba section is part of a live gig in San Francisco's Epicenter Record Store during a tour of the US, when Jello joined the band for a karaoke Elvis "thing".

DUMP 007 PASSION KILLERS "Whoopee! We're All Going To Die!" 7 inch EP '91
Passion Killers being then three members of Chumbawamba rush-releasing an anti-Gulf War single. Four anti-war cover versions including Elvis Costello's "Shipbuilding".

EFA 03-17569 CHUMBAWAMBA "The Day The Nazi Died" on "Greatest Hits" 12 inch EP
A benefit compilation EP for the Trafalgar Square Defence Campaign. Acapella version of the song similar to live version.

Tragic Flop 001 CHUMBAWAMBA "Jesus H. Christ" vinyl-only bootleg '92
How "Shhh" first sounded. Was available only in certain dodgy places for a year or two, and is now deleted.

DUMP024 CHUMBAWAMBA with others "What's The Ugliest Part of Your Body?" on "Gay Pride" 7 inch single '94
Cover of a Frank Zappa song on anti-homophobia compilation, with Pansy Division and Mambo Taxi (amongst others).

YRECD001 CHUMBAWAMBA "The Day The Nazi Died" on "By Any Means Necessary" LP
Version of the song taken from b-side of "Enough Is Enough".

COOK CD 088 CHUMBAWAMBA "Justice/Injustice" on "Disagreement Of The People" LP '95
A song taken from the "Injustice" EP (with DIY).

a 'revolutionary compilation of punk-rap' put out by Eerie Materials in Berkeley, CA.

AKA 004/EPITAPH 86474-2 CHUMBAWAMBA "Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart" on "Better Read Than Dead", a compilation put out by AK Press and Epitaph

DELECCD55 CHUMBAWAMBA "I Still Haven't Found What I Was Looking For" on "No Compromise", a compilation put out by The Campaign for Free Education. A double CD with 30 tracks, featuring Dreadzone, Suede, Utah Saints, Zion Train, etc.

RMT 001 OYSTERBAND "One Green Hill/Jam Tomorrow" 12" single Remixed by Chumbawamba

DTKBOX64 CHUMBAWAMBA “Behave” on “Femme Fatale: A History of Women in Popular Music” a 3 CD box set of various artists [inc. EBTG, Billie Holiday, The Slits, Nina Simone and Au Pairs] available via drtkill@uk.pi.net

CHUMBAWAMBA and ALABAMA 3 "We Don't Go To God's House Anymore" Live Acoustic Version on "No Ocean Separating Our Desire For Justice" CD. The CD designed and produced by the Kebele K.P. and released by the Basque Label Esan Ozenki. Benefit for Mumia Abu Jamal

7087 6 14355 2 8 CHUMBAWAMBA “Mary Mary” [Stigmatic remix] on soundtrack for the movie “Stigmata”. Also features Massive Attack, Bjork, Bowie and Sinead O’Connor.

CHUMBAWAMBA "Bella Ciao" on ARTICLE 14 [Irregular Records] , a benefit CD for the Medical Foundation For Victims Of Torture in support of the work they do on behalf of asylum seekers. The music is primarily but not exclusively Roots-based and many tracks are exclusive to this CD. features amongst others FUN*DA*MENTAL, Robb Johnson, Rory McLeod and Tom Robinson

Milkshake: A CD To Benefit The Harvey Milk Institute V/A CD [TK 005 – timmi-kat Records 1998] Homophobia (live) Previously unreleased live version.
Return of the Read Menace V/A CD [DON 023-2/AKA 014CD - Honest Don's Really Revolutionary Recordings / AK Press Audio] Misbehave AK Press advertised the track as 'previously unreleased', but it was released on the 1992 single 'Behave'.

GCCD006 Dropping Food On Their Heads Is Not Enough! A benefit CD for the women of Afghanistan features CHUMBAWAMBA amongst 31 others. Our track is "Smart Bomb" from WYSIWYG.

Mondiali Antirazzisti 1997-2002 [V/A] is a benefit compilation CD in aid of the Anti-Racist World Cup which takes place every year in Italy. CHUMBAWAMBA have contributed a studio version of "Bella Ciao".

SUB1015CD/VS03 Kitestringing The Prison Literature Project Benefit A benefit CD to raise money to buy books for prisoners features CHUMBAWAMBA amongst 21 others. Our previously unreleased track is an acoustic version of "Without Reason Or Rhyme" from Readymades.

...and others too numerous to mention.