Hard-to-find miscellaneous oddities to download or stream

You're welcome.

Insania version of Timebomb DL

Midi Lidi Remix of El Fusilado DL

Hidegen - Chumbawamba and the Ex played a gig together in April at Schlachthof in Bremen and cobbled together a couple of songs to perform together at the end of the show. Here's one of them - Hidegen - the inspiration for Heaven Hell, incidentally. DL

Jacob's Ladder (Not in my Name) - G*apeels. An acappella version of Jacob's Ladder performed by a Prague-based vocal group. Stunning. DL

Her Majesty Reworked version of the Beatles song of the same name. Her Majesty: she's pretty much obsolete. Given away free to UK mailing list to "celebrate" the Golden Jubilee. DL

Bella Ciao - Studio version of live favourite "Bella Ciao" recorded and put up here in the wake of the death of Carlo Giuliani in Genoa. DL

Enough Is Enough (Kick It Over) Available only as a one-track CD, given away at shows in Austria following the election of Nazi apologist Joerg Haider. Released July 2000. DL STR

Tony Available only as a one-track CD, given away to mailing list. Subsequently frowned upon by head of UK EMI, who wrote to tell us that 'Tony Blair's a nice chap', before confiscating office copies. Released December 1999. Debut live performance in 2006. DL

She's Got All The Friends (Black Lace) Oh the irony. Never released, listen and find out why. Radio One in the UK declined to play 'She's Got All The Friends' (Chumbawamba version) because it was "too pop". Here's our response, with help from the band who topped a recent 'Worst Songs Ever' poll. STR

Mary, Mary (Stigmatic Mix) Released only for the soundtrack to the film 'Stigmata', remixed by Chumbawamba at the Dr Quantize Clinic. DL By Oi Polloi a song from the 7" anti-Chumbawamba EP released in 1998. Also includes a version of 'I Never Gave Up' entitled 'We Wish You'd Give Up'. It's all true. DL

Chumbawamba/Negativeland ABC's of Anarchy DL

The Big Issue (The Peace Artistes) Bradford's finest street band play their own instrumental version of the song from the Tubthumper cd. STR

Jacob's Ladder (Not In My Name) As relevant as ever. We are still at war. DL STR

PASSION KILLERS 1-2-3 What Are We Fighting For ('91 Anti-Gulf War EP) DL

God Save the Queen (Enemy Within) DL

Pass it Along (mp3 mix) DL

Passenger List For Doomed Flight 1721 Available as a bonus track on the Japanese edition of WYSIWYG and on the Japanese version of the She's Got All The Friends single. DL